Free Kumon Maths & English Assessment Event: All Parents & Children Welcome


On Saturday 26th April all local parents and their children are invited to drop-in to a free Kumon Maths & English Assessment Event.

The event is open to all local families between 10am – 2pm and will be held at The Redland Kumon Centre, based at the Elmgrove Centre on Redland Road, Bristol.

The event will give parents the opportunity to have their children’s current academic ability assessed, then receive feedback on the assessment results and learn how Kumon could aid their child’s progress. Both the assessment and feedback will be free-of-charge and with no obligation to sign up.

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Kumon is the largest supplementary education provider in the UK, with over 70,000 children and teenagers enjoying Kumon study programmes. The ethos of Kumon is that every child has huge latent potential and that by developing strong maths and English skills, children can be successful academically.

Kumon differs from other common methods of education in that study programmes are carefully designed and individually tailored to a child’s current ability and needs rather than by how old they are or what year they are in at school.

In this way, Kumon is suited to every child, whether the child is gifted, struggling or anything in between. Kumon is also beneficial for children of any age, whether they are two years old or eighteen.

While it differs from more traditional modes of education, Kumon is complimentary to the national curriculum and will only enhance a child’s academic progress at school. Indeed, Kumon takes children beyond the level they are studying at school and stretches them to learn material that is unfamiliar to them, thus aiding them to develop confidence and enhanced or even new learning strategies.

Kumon instructors carefully observe each child and help them when necessary while still encouraging independent learning at all times. Kumon students attend the Kumon centre up to two times a week for the length of time that it takes the child to complete the work that is set for them on that particular day.

If you would like to attend the free Kumon Maths and English Assessment Event on Saturday 26th April, you can drop in any time between 10am – 2pm and no booking is required.

If you would like more details on the Event, please visit the Kumon website, or, alternatively, you can phone your local Kumon instructor, Al Shaw, on 0117 924 1557.

*Disclosure: This was a sponsored post.

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