FREE Adventure Play Sessions for Children & Teens on Horfield Common with The Ape Project!


Did you know that every Thursday afternoon in term-time there are free adventure play sessions for children and teenagers on Horfield Common?

Hosted by The APE Project, these ‘Stay and Play’ sessions are held from 3.30 – 5.30pm and provide free family based outdoor play. Sessions are hosted by Guy Dobson and Rachel Davies and run on a drop-in basis and are ideal for children aged 8 – 15, although slightly older and younger children are welcome too.

The APE Project is a non-profit organisation which works for children, young people and their families and was formed on the basis that children want and need exciting and challenging outdoor play.

Guy and Rachel explain:

“The value of risky, adventurous physically active outdoor play with access to tools and the four elements is the recipe that we feel is best for kids. Our sessions are totally unstructured and children can engage or not with our activities and others.”


Guy and Rachel explain how the Stay and Play sessions are not only beneficial to kids but to parents and carers too:

“Parents/carers may get to know one another beyond a brief ‘hello’ in the school playground. Adults also quickly find an increased confidence in allowing their children to play in ways which expose their children to risk but in a controlled way.”

Along with the Ape Project’s Stay and Play sessions and the new play park being constructed, Horfield Common promises to be lots of fun for children and families over the coming months!

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4 responses to “FREE Adventure Play Sessions for Children & Teens on Horfield Common with The Ape Project!

  1. Hi, are these sessions now running? If so, what part of Horfield Common is it held on? Thanks

  2. Hi Sam, yes, these sessions are now running and are held on the main part of the Common. Let me know what you think! X

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