The Latest on the Opening of the New Play Park on Horfield Common


Last Saturday, along with many other local mums and dads, I attended the grand opening celebration of the new play area on Horfield Common.

It was an exciting occasion, and the rain did not dampen anyone’s spirits as the play park was opened!


Sam Thomson giving a speech just before the play area’s opening


The ribbon is cut and the new play park is declared open!

As you can see, the new play area is fantastic and a huge improvement on the old one. The new play area provides more challenging apparatus for older children too.





So why there are still barriers around the play park you may be thinking?

Bristol City Council are waiting for the grass to be fully established before they remove the barriers and have put up notices advising that this will be on Monday 9th June.

Sam Thomson, from Friends of Horfield Common explains more about the delay of the opening of the play park:

“We had expected/hoped it would be much sooner, but the project manager is on holiday until 9th so we can’t get any further info at the moment.

In the meantime, a lot of people are ignoring the closure signs and using the play area anyway – I’m not sure how they are getting in (seems a lot of people and a lot of different ages to be climbing the fence!) but fingers crossed this won’t mean that the grass needs to be relaid again!”

The opening of the new play park will be worth the wait I am sure 🙂