Cairns Café: Fresh Food, Fantastic Cake & Fun for Parents & Young Children

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If you are a long-term reader of Bishopston Mum, you will know that I have a bit of an obsession for cake. Luckily for me and other local parents with a cake habit, we have the wonderful Cairns Café nearby to satisfy our cake cravings!

Cairns Café is a café with a difference. Located within Cairns Road Baptist Church on Cairns Road, Westbury Park, it opened ten years ago and is run by church volunteers.

It is free entry and is run on a not-for-profit basis.

Cairns 5

Cairns Café provides a large play area for children under 5, as well as a special section for babies and crawlers to enjoy their time at Cairns Café safely.

The cakes provided are all home-made and really are fantastic. Believe me, I talk from first-hand experience 😉

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But as well as great cake, the Cairns Café offers freshly made sandwiches, snacks and lunches.

And, because it promotes healthy eating for children, it also offers a “Children’s Lunchbox” where you can select five healthy items for £1.50.

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If you would like to pay a visit to Cairns Café with your children, below are the opening times:

Monday – 9am – 2pm

Wednesday – 9am – 2pm

Friday – 10.15am – 2pm

For more information about what’s on for parents and children in the local area please do head over to the Bishopston Mum facebook page.

Until then, enjoy indulging your cake cravings with a visit to Cairns Café with your children!