A Victorious Outing To Cairns Cafe

I have to say I am not always finding these Summer holiday days particularly pleasurable!  My older child is getting bored since pre-school finished for the Summer.  He often relieves this boredom and frustration on his little sister which makes for frequent squabbles and crying.

Last Monday was one such day.  It was not helped by my having a terrible night’s sleep courtesy of both children.  I therefore decided to that it would be a good idea to take both kids out of the house for a good chunk of the day and opted for Cairns Cafe.

Cairns Cafe logo
Cairns Cafe is held at Cairns Road Baptist Church, Westbury Park (for details of times and days it is open, see my Baby and Toddler Timetable).  It is free entry and there are fantastic cakes and lunches available, very reasonably priced.

To be honest, I wouldn’t normally venture into Cairns Cafe on my own unless I had planned to meet friends.  In term time it is very, very busy and I find it quite overwhelming and even a little intimidating walking into a packed church hall full of groups of mums sat together.  But I met with a friend last week who told me she had gone to Cairns Road Cafe a few days earlier and being the Summer holidays, it was less busy than normal.

I still felt a little nervous walking into the Cafe as it was still busy.  However, I immediately spied two mums I know from Ardagh Toddlers, so went over to see them.  My children were immediately off with no worries whatsoever, immersing themselves in the climbing apparatus, slides, tunnel and play house along with the other children there.

After my children had a good, long play and burned off lots of energy, I ordered each a ‘Toddler Meal’.  A Toddler Meal costs £1.50, whereby you can choose five different items of food per child.   You can choose from a range of sandwiches (with a choice of white or brown bread), cocktail sausages, packets of sultanas, grapes, cheese and cucumber sticks.

Lunches are also available for mums, dads and carers.  Volunteers serving were friendly and helpful.  There are high chairs there and we were able to find a free table.

As I mentioned above, cakes in this cafe are FANTASTIC.  They are all home-made (and gluten and dairy free, also).  There was a choice of chocolate cake, carrot cake, gingerbread men, flapjacks and many more.  My choice of the day was carrot cake and I wholeheartedly recommend this 🙂

After lunch, for some reason, my son was desperate to go into the baby zone which is partitioned off.  Later on, when the cafe was steadily emptying and when there were no babies in there, I allowed them both into this section.  There are wall toys here, such as cogs and a clock which kept them occupied and they play quite happily for an hour or so (which made a pleasant change from recent times).

While my little boy cannot tell the time yet, his latest interest is time and he was absorbed in playing with the clock.
It was surprising that the baby zone kept my son happy for so long.  I think it was because there are actually more toys in this part of the cafe which stimulated his mind rather than purely climbing apparatus.

I think he was a bit bored towards the end.  While there was a small handful of older, primary school age kids there (obviously there with their younger siblings), I would say the average age of children there is considerably younger then my son (who is 3 1/2).  We are visiting Cairns Road Cafe again next week.  I think he will enjoy it more then as we are meeting up with my friend and her boys, one of whom is the same age as my son so he will have a friend of his own age to play with.

Apart from that, both children enjoyed Cairns Cafe today.  What’s more, it obviously tired them out because when we got home later on in the afternoon, both had a good, long nap and I was able to have a break!  Result!!

4 responses to “A Victorious Outing To Cairns Cafe

  1. Oh Brilliant! I will be working in the area soon and Can't wait to try out all the baby & toddler groups.

    Fern xox

  2. Cairns is excellent. Bubs love it and you are so right about the cake.

    You really don't have to worry about not knowing anyone there, everyone (visitors and staff) will make you feel VERY welcome.

  3. Thanks for commenting, Anna. I really do like Cairns Road Cafe, it made a big difference to me to have a good, long drop-in activity to take my kids to over the long, wet Summer, which was also free…and with excellent cake! x

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