A Gymtastic Time at Bristol School of Gymnastics

My little boy is always on the go.  He is never still, from dawn until dusk.  If I leave the lounge for one minute, I am at risk of finding it transformed into a soft play area on my return.  On many occasions my large sofa cushions have been made into a ‘trampoline’ on the floor, and, recently, following his watching the diving at the Olympics, the sofa a ‘diving board’.
So when I asked my son if he wanted to go to gymnastics last week he was very excited!  Bristol School of Gymnastics on Gloucester Road, are offering drop-in sessions during the Summer holidays (see my Events Calendar for details).

For those who have not yet been there, it is held in an old church building, the space, once used as a place of worship, now transformed into an open-plan gymnasium.  It has a trampoline, beams, climbing frame, rings, swing, coloured climbing blocks and, more recently, a bouncy castle.

My son did a term of gymnastics at Bristol School of Gymnastics last year, prior to starting pre-school and loved it.  On gymnastics days, my lovely dad would come over to look after my daughter (your full supervision is needed for your preschooler so I was unable to take my daughter, too).  It gave me a chance to take my son there and spend some one-on-one time with him.  We would always finish off our morning of gymnastics with lunch at Lashings, with a chocolate fondant fancy as a special treat for him.

So it was like old times again last week when dad came over to look after my daughter and I took my son to gymnastics with a promised lunch at Lashings afterwards.

My son had a great time, he especially loved the coloured blocks and the beam.  Here are some photos of him, unfortunately not amazing quality though; it is super hard to take a good photo of him when he is whizzing about!

Following our stint of gymnastics, we lunched at Lashings.  There we discussed the merits of different dinosaurs and each decided on our favourite (for the record, my favourite’s the Brachiosaurus).
Our morning together at Bristol School of Gymnastics, followed by lunch at Lashings, was just like old times, complete with chocolate fondant fancy 🙂


Have you taken your children to Bristol School of Gymnastics?  Did they enjoy themselves?  What do you think about Bristol School of Gymnastics?  Please comment below!
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6 responses to “A Gymtastic Time at Bristol School of Gymnastics

  1. All 3 of my children went to the Bristol School of Gymnastics. My middle child carried on into the competition squad but then left when doing a backward somersault on the beam just plain frightened her!! The other two went on to do trampolining there after they reached secondary school age. They all loved their time there!

  2. Thanks so much for commenting! Good to hear your children enjoyed Bristol School of Gymnastics past preschool age and carried on with it. I think we are so lucky to have facillities like BSG where we live for our children to enjoy. Can't wait to take my daughter there too when she is more steady on her feet x

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