photo 4

My little girl is not so little any more. She is now the grand old age of four and very proud of it she is too.

She is a friendly little girl with a sunny, cheerful disposition. She lives life fully and enjoys every minute, never sitting still for long.

She loves drawing, ballet dancing, doing “gymnastica” in the lounge, playing monsters and being chased around the house and has a great sense of humour, very silly and unsophisticated, just like mine 🙂

photo 3

She had been looking forward to her approaching birthday for many months and so was very excited when the day finally came. She has recently discovered Frozen and was delighted to receive an Elsa dress (which she had to put on right away, of course).

Her birthday fell on a Friday, a day that she does not have pre-school so I asked her where she would like to go and what she would like to do that morning. She opted to go to “Oston Tea Party”, pronounced as such I must stress, her current fave cafe on the Gloucester Road.

She wore her Elsa dress proudly and we enjoyed drinks and cake.


Later that day, my family came over and she enjoyed opening yet more presents and cards and a special birthday tea party, with a birthday cake too.

I can’t quite believe that it is now four years since she was born and I held her for the first time, a beautiful, dainty baby with silky dark hair. This coming September she will be going to school and I know that time will really start racing then.

I am all too aware that every achievement she makes and every milestone reached is also another step towards her growing up.

Until then, I am making the most of every moment with her and enjoying every minute.

I am very proud of my girl.