Baby Sensory Bristol North: A Bishopston Mum Review


Today on Bishopston Mum, a local parent reviews Baby Sensory classes which are held on Tuesdays at St Bart’s Church Hall in St Andrew’s, Bristol.

Baby Sensory classes aid the development of physical, social and emotional skills, language skills, co-ordination, awareness of the world, love of music and concentration.


I took my older son to Baby Sensory two years ago, until he was 13 months, and now I take my baby son too. The babies can attend from birth so it’s something lovely to do when your child is a tiny newborn as well as when they’re an older baby on the move.


I really enjoy the activities we do every week, such as the singing and signing, dancing/actions to music and bubbles, but there’s a different theme every week, and we’ve experienced such a range of different sensory activities like a light show, dancing with ribbons, smelling items with different fragrances and bouncing balls on a huge stretchy sheet!


Vicky gives us ideas to develop our babies’ skills at home, like making home-made rattles, cushion mountains, making sensory baskets, and my baby held his first crayon and made marks on paper at one of Vicky’s classes.

DSC06536Vicky Oliver, leader of Baby Sensory Bristol North

I think my baby has learnt a lot about how different things work, e.g. shakers that make sounds, things that have different smells. He likes the stimulating environment with lots of different colours, textures, lights and sounds, as well as being around other babies.


The class we go to is in a large church hall, which we like as it’s big and bright. The other locations may be different.

I love that every week is different and Vicky seems to have an endless supply of different resources. I also like the social time in the middle of each session in which the babies have a break to sit and play with toys and the grown ups can play with their babies or have a chat.


The social time in the middle of Baby Sensory is great, and I really like the fact that the activities each week are always different. Vicky’s enthusiasm also makes it special.

If you would like to find out more about Baby Sensory classes in St Andrew’s, Westbury Park or Bradley Stoke, please visit

You can also contact Vicky Oliver by emailing or phoning 07967 927 508.