Brunel Field Primary School: A Bishopston Mum Review

Today Bishopston Mum features a review of Brunel Field Primary School by a local parent. Brunel Field Primary School is part of the Ashley Down School Federation and has an Ofsted grade of 1: Outstanding.


Was this school your first choice?


What qualities & advantages do you feel Brunel Field Primary has over other schools?

The reception staff are incredibly passionate, kind and nurturing, which I feel has been key to the children settling happily into what is a big change for them.

The teachers welcome the parents into the classroom and communicate really well with us, with parent read-along sessions every Monday morning. The settling in phase was appropriately managed, with home visits from the teachers and brief play sessions at the school followed by several weeks of half days/alternate days.

Being only a few years old, the facilities are superb – large, light corridors and classrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a big reception-only outdoor learning space, well-equipped main hall and nice green spaces with several new trees.

The school is a two-form intake so doesn’t feel too big either. The teachers are passionate about learning and it’s wonderful to see my daughter come home sharing this passion – I am amazed at what she’s learnt in such a short space of time.

What (if any) are weaknesses of this school?

The fact it is a relatively new  school means it could potentially lack the experience of other long established schools.

However, being part of the Ashley Down School Federation and, importantly, sharing a headteacher with the Downend site, means it can combine the wisdom of a highly regarded and long-running school with new facilities and learning spaces.

The classrooms and corridors are adorned with the children’s art, photos and project work creating a bright, welcoming and happy atmosphere – not at all sterile.


What do you think of the size of the school?

The large modern building is fine for the number of children.

What do you think of the staff?

As above! The Head of School is also very impressive; he is young and passionate and makes an effort to attend most of the reception events so we see a fair amount of him.

He also appears to be very hands on in his managing of the school – my daughter even got to have tea and biscuits in his office with some of the older children at the school!

What is your opinion on communication between the school and parents?

As above, very good. We get text message reminders, letters, e-mails and whiteboard messages. The teachers are happy to have a chat and answer any questions at drop-off.

What are the school’s values?


Do kids in reception receive homework/reading/tasks do do at home?

Yes but it’s entirely optional and doesn’t feel over the top. Some days my daughter is really enthusiastic about doing it but others she’s far too tired.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The other families we have met all seem lovely and there have already been quite a few social events – lunches, coffees and drinks in the pub plus a camping trip arranged for the summer.

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