Horfield Welly Pre-school: A Bishopston Mum Review

Horfield Welly

Today Bishopston Mum features a review of Horfield Welly Pre-school by a local parent. This pre-school is held at Horfield Parish Church Hall, Wellington Hill in Horfield and runs from Tuesday – Friday 9.15am – 1pm.

What activities and toys are on offer to children who attend Horfield Welly Pre-school?

The preschool offers a wide range of creative, multi sensory activities and toys which have been carefully planned and rotated to stimulate interest. The activities often relate to the children’s interests. Examples of the activities include: shaving foam, excavating objects from ice cubes or jelly, coloured water in pipettes, painting, building bricks, tubes and tunnels, tents, roleplay area, scooters and bikes.

There is also a garden with sheltered areas to facilitate outside play all year round. Outdoor activities include: a sandpit, Wendy house, bikes, climbing frames, an interactive board with locks, wheels, lids etc, attached.

What is the routine of the group? (What order are activities, snack time, etc?)

All of the sessions at Welly run in the mornings. The sessions start with free play and settling in, followed by registration then coloured group times. Snack time runs from 10:30- 11:00am where fruit and milk are available to the children. Group time and free play continues until they stop for singing and dancing before lunch. Children eat lunch together at 12.15pm and then have a story before hometime at 1:00 p.m.

Is it a friendly group or did it take a while to get to know other parents/carers?

I personally find it to be a very friendly group. The staff are brilliant at getting to know the children quickly and keeping parents informed. They also encourage parents to get involved in the running of the preschool by helping in the kitchen, being on the committee, reading stories or offering skills. Social gatherings are often arranged between parents to foster relationships.

In you opinion what are the best bits and the worst bits about this group?

I have most appreciated the attitude and ethos of the staff running the preschool. They are enthusiastic, experienced and work hard as a team to help children settle quickly and have fun learning. The learning environment is stimulating and adaptive to the interests of the children.

The only negative aspect is the fact that the hall is used for other purposes throughout the week which limits how the building can be used.

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To find out more about Horfield Welly Pre-school or other local pre-schools, please see the Bishopton Mum Pre-schools information page.