Beautiful bespoke Mother’s Day gifts from Bishopston business ‘Little Tinkers Silver Co’


Bishopston and surrounding areas boast some super-creative parents and mum of two, Lucy Willson is no exception.

Lucy (pictured above with her husband and children) is the owner of Little Tinkers Silver Co and creates beautiful pure silver jewellery from children’s fingerprints, hand and foot prints, art work and from the paw prints of pets.



Lucy was inspired to start Little Tinkers Silver Co following the birth of her children, Zach (4) and Ollie (2), who she named Little Tinkers after. She explains:

“My boys are my LITTLE TINKERS! My inspiration for Little Tinkers came from a combination of a love of jewellery, a love of my children and the enjoyment of making something really special for someone.

“I have loved making jewellery for around 10 years and then when Zach came along I discovered Fingerprint Jewellery. It’s such a personal and sentimental gift to make someone and lovely meeting other parents.”

Even the Little Tinkers Silver Co logo is actually from a drawing which Zach gave her of him and his little brother.


Lucy describes how she creates her Little Tinkers silver keepsakes:

“I have my own work room at home where all the action takes place! I like to press the fingerprints directly into the silver clay so that the actual piece of jewellery has been touched by your loved one, but I can send out moulding kits so the impressions can be taken in the comfort of your own home.

“The handprints, footprints and paw prints are taken on special paper using inkless wipes and then miniaturised onto the computer before being made into a mould. Drawings can be sent via e-mail and again these are miniaturised before being turned into a mould.”


As you will know it is Mothers’ Day on Sunday 6th March and there are lots of gift options at Little Tinkers Silver Co. This includes pendants, charms and key rings which can incorporate fingerprints, handprints, footprints, paw prints, drawings, children’s written words.

Or, if you had something else in mind for a Mother’s Day present, Lucy will also create bespoke one-off pieces at a reasonable price:

“I’m friendly and approachable and open to any ideas that people have for a one off piece they’d like me to make for them or a loved one. No prints are too big or too small – I can take adult prints too!

“I would recommend if your child is under 6 months to go for a hand or footprint as the fingerprint usually lacks definition before 6 months, although all babies are different.”

One such example of a bespoke one-off piece of jewellery which Lucy made is a First Holy Communion Cluster Necklace which she made for the lady who runs one of the playgroups which she takes her children to.


As well as creating jewellery for Little Tinkers Silver Co, Lucy is regularly takes her children to local activities, their favourites being Welly Toddler Playgroup and Piglets Carers and Toddler Group. She also takes the kids to swimming and soft play, plus the local park and they also spend a lot of time at the zoo.

Lucy herself is looking forward to spending Mothers day with her children:

“I’m looking forward to spending Mother’s Day with my boys. We will probably take a little trip to the zoo in the morning and then a lovely Sunday Roast in the afternoon. I love roast potatoes!

Please contact Lucy before Monday 29th February to request your Mothers’ Day gift (making the keepsakes takes time).

Lucy is offering a special 10% DISCOUNT to Bishopton Mum readers – please email her on