North Bristol Foodbank appeals for donations of women’s toiletries and treats this Mother’s Day

North Bristol logoMother’s Day can be a difficult time for women facing crisis, especially mums facing hunger who are unable to provide food for their families or afford the basic toiletries many of us take for granted.

That’s why anti-poverty charity The Trussell Trust, which runs a network of 425 foodbanks, has launched an appeal to ensure that mums needing help from foodbanks get some extra help.

Every week foodbanks see women struggling to afford food, let alone expensive items like nappies and sanitary products.  As we celebrate Mother’s Day this March, North Bristol Foodbank is calling for donations of shampoo, sanitary products, nappies (particularly sizes 4+), shower gel and toothpaste to help local women and their children.

Last week, pregnant Anna* had to visit a foodbank just six weeks before her twins were due. They will be her first children, and she and her partner currently have no home to call their own.

volunteer-chatting-with-client-1024x683They have been sofa surfing for the last few weeks because they hit financial difficulty when her antiques business collapsed and were evicted from their home.

Anna’s partner hasn’t been able to get enough contract work to support them. She said,

“I never thought this would happen to us – we were both working, we’ve paid our taxes… If it wasn’t for the foodbank I don’t know what we would’ve done.

“I want to work again, that would sort everything out. Then we could prepare for the babies, get our house back. I don’t even have a hospital bag ready at the moment”.

Thanks to the generous donations of the local community, the foodbank not only gave her emergency food but also housing and welfare advice, as well as nappies and baby basics to help the couple prepare for when the little ones arrive.

holly-with-quote-1024x657Stewart North Foodbank Manager says,

“Every day at the foodbank we meet mums from across North Bristol who share heart-breaking stories about the difficulties they face to put food on their children’s plates.

We’re able to provide mums with emergency food, and toiletries as well as support to help tackle the underlying cause of their crisis.

“When you’re struggling to afford food, you’re often struggling to afford other basics like loo roll, shampoo and women’s sanitary products too. Perhaps unsurprisingly, toiletries are not the first thing most people think of when they’re donating to a foodbank, but they do make a huge difference in restoring some normality when you’re at the point of crisis.

“Whatever you are able to give this Mother’s Day will help local mums who are struggling to know that there are people who care. Thank you for your kindness.”

suzanne-with-quote-1024x657David McAuley, Chief Executive of The Trussell Trust adds,

“It’s surprising how much hope something small can bring – we hear of mums overwhelmed by the kindness of local people who have donated shower gel, nappies, or sanitary products.

“Foodbanks work hard to provide more than food, because people tell us that when you’re facing crisis the little things, like a gift of shampoo or a small box of chocolates, can help make you feel human again.”

Anyone interested in helping the foodbank to support a local mum facing hunger can make a financial donatation here: or drop off donations at one the collection points around North Bristol –