Bishop Road Primary School: a Bishopston Mum review


Today’s school review is by a local mum of three children, one aged 7 who is in year 2 and twins in Year 1. All three children attend Bishop Road Primary School, an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rated school which is situated on Bishop Road, Bishopston, BS7 8LS.

Was Bishop Road Primary School your first choice of school and if so, why?

It was the first choice. For Sidney it was the closest to our house and for Ronnie and Florence it was the closest and the sibling link. As well as being a highly regarded school and many friends going too.

What are the positive aspects of this school?

Postive aspects – the ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating, children happy going, lovely school community.

What (if any) are weaknesses of this school?

The size, sometimes you feel lost in the size, as a parent and a pupil. There is not so much teacher/parent interaction. I often feel a bit detached from actual school life and how the kids are, especially if they go in crying.

What do you think of the school building, facilities and size of Bishop Road Primary?

The school building and facilities are excellent. I love the way the buildings are split into year groups and the facilities are brilliant. The kids often talk of the different playgrounds (boat and castle), the different P.E. staff, the library, cooking facilities, sports field etc. We are very lucky to have everything in walking distance from the school.

What do you think of the staff?

The staff do seem brilliant, the children come on very quickly reading and writing but not much interaction between parents and teachers. But I am sure if you needed it you could arrange a meeting.

What are the school’s values?

I would say excellent education, equality, diversity and a happy place for the children.

Do kids receive homework/reading/tasks do do at home?

Sidney in year 2 has spellings and either writing, maths or punctuation homework weekly. Ronnie and Florence in year 1 have weekly spellings and have ‘set words’ that they need to learn by sight before they move up a level. They all have reading diaries with set level books that they can move up when they become confident at a certain level, these reading books come home everyday.

Is there anything else you would like to add about this school?

My only concern would be the size of the school, my youngest two often say they couldn’t find their friends at playtime as there were too many people in the playground, which is quite upsetting sometimes.

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