Magical Fairy Doors appearing around Bishopston!

door 2

Next time you go for a walk around Bishopston with your children, be sure to keep an eye out for one of the magical fairy doors appearing around the local area!

My little girl and I discovered a couple of fairy doors some time ago, much to her delight; one on Egerton Road and another on Gloucester Road. And in the last two weeks, we have discovered two more: one on Horfield Common and another in the lane adjoining Fenton Road and Monk Road.

You can find the fairy door on Horfield Common on one of the trees leading up to the play park just off the main park. You can open up the door to see inside the fairy’s house…

door 4door 1

And it is not only a fairy door on the Fenton Road/Monk road lane, but an amazing display which young children will love!

door 5

And there are two fairy doors on one tree on Gloucester Road!


Have you spotted any fairy doors in or near Bishopston? Please contact me via the Bishopston Mum Facebook page if so!