Baby Sensory Bristol North Classes: A Bishopston Mum Review


Today’s post on Bishopston Mum is a local mum’s review of Baby Sensory Bristol North, baby development classes for babies aged from newborn to 13 months at St Bart’s Church Hall, St Andrew’s.

Baby Sensory Bristol North classes are run by local mum, Vicky Oliver and are held on Tuesdays in term-time: 10.30 – 11.30am for 7 – 13 months and 11.45am – 12.45 for 0 – 7 months.

Please read this mum’s review to find out more…

How long have you and your baby been going to Baby Sensory classes?

Since my little boy was 12 weeks old (he’s nearly 1 now :)) I tried to get in earlier but the class was sold out. A friend couldn’t go a couple of times and gave her place to me – just one of the lovely things Vicky offers. He loved it at 6 and 9 weeks too!


Please tell me about the themes and activities at Baby Sensory.

I’ve never seen the same theme twice, and the amount of effort and thought that goes in to them each week is quite staggering. Subtle differences in coverings and toys in the play area make it all hang together beautifully with the activities themselves.

I’ll never forget the Christmas party. My husband came too and everything was snow-covered and Christmas-themed. He was blown away by the quality of it – I think he thought we were going to a church hall to sing nursery rhymes and eat mince pies!

It was the Christmassiest thing I went to in the season, hands down. Black and white week was amazing too, and who could forget superhero week?!

What are your baby’s favourite parts of Baby Sensory classes?

We sing an opening song, ‘Say Hello’, at the beginning of every session, and sign along with it. From the beginning it made him smile, and I soon realised that he loved it and knew it meant fun was about to start.

I bought the CD from Vicky, and had it in the car for those tricky moments early on. I used to put it on in the kitchen while making lunch and sing and sign it to him in his bouncy chair!

He loves parachute activities, with lights and balloons and bubbles and the element of surprise when we lift the parachute and he can see all the other babies. Anything that makes a noise is a hit, and we use shakers and bells and tone bars in really inventive ways.

And the play area has lots of toys that we don’t have, particularly things that take up a lot of space like ball pools and tents and inflatable mattresses with textured coverings (that are different each week!). I’m going to have to buy him a Rody donkey as his face is pure joy when he bounces on it!


How do you think Baby Sensory sessions have helped your baby to develop?

So many ways… In the early days, his observational skills and reactions were sharpened, and he got lots of smiling practice!

I think he’s learned physical skills from being around other babies – there are always early crawlers and he watched them with interest and tried out a few moves himself. He’s had the opportunity to really test out all his senses, and I don’t think I would have done any of it at home.

It’s so inventive and I just wouldn’t have thought of half of it!


What is Vicky like?

Vicky’s energy and infectious enthusiasm are what makes the classes so great. Babies LOVE her! She’s like a veritable Pied Piper and always has babies sitting round her, rapt, or climbing on to her lap. Long before he could crawl, L would lie in front of me while

I sang songs or played with pom-poms and ribbons, and actually be craning his neck round to watch Vicky! She seems to genuinely love what she does, and instinctively know what enthralls babies (and parents!). She is professional to a fault and great to deal with, and there is absolutely no hint of Sunday school teacher 😉

Are Baby Sensory classes friendly? Was it easy to get to know other mums and dads there?

Really friendly. The classes have grown among like-minded people through word of mouth, of course, but they seem to attract relaxed, nice people. Break time in the middle of the class is always a real pleasure.


Is there anything else about Baby Sensory which you would like to mention?

I’m so sad that L has to finish after this term because he’s going to be older than 13 months! It’s been the highlight of my week during maternity leave and I recommend it to everyone I meet with new babies. The not-so-secret thing about Baby Sensory is that the mums and dads love it just as much as the babies do.

I think possibly more, in some cases… 😀

* * *

The new Autumn term of Baby Sensory classes starts on Tuesday 13th September. Please CLICK HERE to book a place for your baby (early booking advised as places are limited).

The Autumn Term will be filled with many exciting sessions including Space Adventure, Magic Box, Baby Olympics, an adventure in the Rainforest and so many more!

You can also contact Vicky by e-mailing