A Summer’s Walk Through Gaston Lane, Bishopston

Gaston 1

Gaston Lane in Bishopston is lovely in any season, but in Summertime this ancient little lane is especially beautiful.

My children and I took a walk through there one afternoon this week and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Summer that it offers.

Gaston more flowers

There are wild flowers amidst the green hedgerow and white bindweed stretches its long stems along the greenery.

At this time of year, Gaston Lane is framed with blackberries ripening in the summer sun with a few of them black and plump enough to eat.

Gaston black

There were butterflies and we were even lucky enough to see a beautiful green dragonfly.

Gaston butterfly

In just a few weeks Gaston Lane will be a sea of white cow parsley, a sight to see.

If you haven’t yet gone for a walk through Gaston Lane, you really must, it is a little oasis of peacefulness and beauty in busy Bristol.

You can find Gaston Lane next to 134 Longmead Avenue or 22  Kings Drive, Bishopston. If you would like to read a little more about Gaston Lane you can do so here.