Parents donate £4K to build climbing wall at Brunel Field Primary School

jumping-boyA generous couple with children at Brunel Field Primary School in Bishopston have donated an amazing £4K to their PSA to build a four-panel horizontal climbing wall in the playground.

Klare and Tim Percival, who have two children at the school, are in fact GPs but recently started a property development business called Strawberry Property. The pair say they wanted to give something back to the community through their new enterprise and this was the perfect way to show support.

The school, located near Gloucestershire County Cricket Ground, has had several updates and improvements to the playing areas that surround the building through the PSA’s fundraising efforts.

The £4K donation covered the entire cost of the length-ways ‘bouldering’ wall, which is designed that way for safety reasons so children can climb along rather than up.

The green and yellow structure travels almost the entire length of one of the sides of the main playground and has woodchip underneath in case a soft landing is needed.

Klare, who started Strawberry Property with Tim in 2014, said: “When we heard that the school was looking for support for the climbing wall it really struck a chord as being GPs part of our daily life is advising people to keep fit and take more exercise for all sorts of health benefits.

“Being a school that is surrounded by buildings, it’s so impressive to see how much both the teachers and the PSA have progressed a fitness agenda from the space available.

“They make the most out of every square inch they have to help promote active play for the children.

“We are proud to be a part of that both for the children who are there today and for those in the years to come.”

angle-kids-climbingBoth Airbus and local estate agents Kendall Harper also donated £500 a piece, which has also gone toward general playground improvements, while the Cooperative Supermarket provided refreshments at the fundraising summer fair, as part of fundraising efforts for the grounds.

Marieke Strange, chair of the Brunel Field PSA, said: “We are very lucky at the school to have such great support from our parents and the business community. These particularly impressive and generous donations have made a huge impact to the daily play and outside experience for all the children.

“The children use the wall all the time, travelling along, focusing on tricky bits and having a laugh hanging off it – it’s great to see and such a wonderful legacy, for Strawberry Property to invest in for the pupils.”

Julie Waldren, assistant head of Brunel Field, said: “We cannot thank Strawberry Property and the PSA enough for this amazing donation. I’ve even tried it out myself and it is great fun, so no wonder it’s such a popular attraction in our ever-expanding activity area.

“The PSA really does work tirelessly to ensure our children are well catered for physically, emotionally and psychologically and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who makes it happen.”