A Spring Walk Through Gaston Lane, Bishopston

If you are a long-term reader of Bishopston Mum you will know that my favourite local walk is Gaston Lane in Bishopston.

This stony little lane is wild and lovely and a perfect walk for children of any age and offers a burst of fresh air and beauty on your doorstep.

Gaston Lane is over 400 years old and is locally known as ‘Donkey Lane’ and the not-so-nice ‘Dead Man’s Lane’, the latter denoting the lane’s common use in times long passed to transport the dead by horse and cart to Horfield Parish Church rather than by public roads.

Nowadays of course, it is used purely by people making short cuts to Bishopston and Horfield or simply for pleasure.

Right now Gaston Lane is full of the signs of Spring!

White Cow Parsley is starting to burst into flower and the bluebells are springing up. Nests abandoned over Winter are now occupied, the birds are singing and butterflies fly among the flowers.

If you would like to take your children on a Spring walk through Gaston Lane you can find it next to 134 and 136 Longmead Avenue or 22 Kings Drive, Bishopston.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Spring as you walk through Gaston Lane!