Soccer Shooters: Fun Football Coaching, Holiday Clubs & Birthday Parties

If you have a child who enjoys being active and having lots of fun, Soccer Shooters will be of interest!

Soccer Shooters offers fun football coaching, holiday clubs and birthday parties for girls and boys of all ages and abilities.

Soccer Shooters is first and foremost, about having fun!

Local man, James Wilson has been running football sessions for over 10 years in Bristol. James always had a passion for both watching and playing sport and 15 years ago decided to go on a FA course, helping out with some coaching at local schools.

This was a life-changing moment for him. James explains:

“Coaching was a revelation to me and was one of those lightbulb moments where I realised this is what I wanted to do with my life. I have never felt so passionate about anything in my life and felt football coaching was my calling.”

James decided to set up Clifton United Football Club with around a dozen children initially. However, the club proved to be a huge success and now has about 250 registered children!

James then started running holiday clubs, mini under-6 sessions, after-school Futsal sessions and birthday parties, all while working full-time.

In the past year, James has made the decision to leave his full-time job so that he can instead run Soccer Shooters full-time:

“I have left my full-time job and am looking to pursue my real passion in life. I want to create something special, something that transcends football coaching and provides something of real value to not just children but the wider community.”

Fun is an essential element of Soccer Shooters and its tagline is ‘Fanatical about Fun”. James explains the importance of having fun while playing football:

“We understand that children participate in football to have fun. If children don’t have fun playing football, they stop playing football. We never forget that the game of football is just that – a game. It’s not about how many wins and losses are accumulated. It’s not about how many goals we score or concede.

“It’s all about enjoying the game and, at the same time, learning and developing football and life skills.”

There are some Football Fun Days planned for the upcoming May half-term, all designed so that children not only have lots of fun but also gain from the sessions mentally and emotionally:

“Fun is the underlying essence of everything we do, but we always use the day as a way to improve children’s confidence and self-esteem.”

On the Football Fun Days the children are grouped together according to age and the days involve a mixture of fun games, led by what games the children themselves wish to play, plus mini matches also.

The afternoons are usually organised in a round robin tournament format, which is again what children prefer.

James explains:

“We ensure that the children wants are at the centre of what we do and we allow them to be part of the decision-making of the day. There is also a lunch time quiz, this is great fun and we split the children into teams of all ages… this is such an important part of the day, the younger ones love being with the older ones during this and it’s great opportunity to for older ones to be in charge of a group.”

Below are details of Soccer Shooters Football Coaching Sessions, Football Fun Days and Birthday Parties:

Soccer Shooters Football Coaching Sessions

At Soccer Shooters football coaching sessions, children are taught the fundamentals of football within a disciplined but fun environment by FA qualified football coaches.

Soccer Shooters Sessions:

Fun football sessions for girls and boys of all abilities.

  • For children in Reception and Year 1
  • Saturdays 9.30 – 10.30am at Clifton College Sports Ground, Abbots Leigh Road, Abbots Leigh, BS8 3QD
  • £6.50 per session – no booking required

Futsal Football Sessions:

Soccer Shooters is one of the few football schools that offer specific Futsal sessions for young children of all levels. It is fast-paced and played with a slightly heavier ball which aids close control and encourages vastly improved technique.

  • For children in Years 3 – 7 (but planning to offer classes for more school years soon)
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 5pm at Redland Green School,  Redland Court Road BS6 9EH

Soccer Shooters Football Fun Days

Soccer Shooters offers Football Fun Days throughout the holidays for girls and boys of all ages and abilities.

Drop-off time is 8.30am and pick-up time is 3.45pm (however by pre-arrangement children can be dropped off slightly earlier and picked-up slightly later allowing you full days at work).

Upcoming Football Fun Days:

  • Tuesday 30th May – Clifton College Sports Ground
  • Wednesday 31st May – Clifton College Sports Ground
  • Friday 2nd June – Redland Green School
  • Monday 24th July – Redland Green School
  • Tuesday 25th July – Redland Green School
  • Wednesday 26th July – Clifton College Sports Ground
  • Monday 14th August – Redland Green School
  • Tuesday 15th August – Redland Green School
  • Wednesday 30th August – Clifton College Sports Ground
  • Thursday 31st August –  Clifton College Sports Ground
  • Friday 1st September – Redland Green School

Soccer Shooters Birthday Parties

Soccer Shooters Birthday parties are a great way to celebrate a child’s birthday. As well as being great fun, it is ensured that all children enjoy themselves whether football is their thing or not.

Soccer shooters parties are flexible to meet your needs and that of your child’s and prices start form £85 for 16 children with food options also available..”

Soccer Shooters birthday parties can be at a venue of your choice within 10 miles of Bristol. Soccer Shooters may still be able to coach at your party if it is further than 10 miles from Bristol however there may be additional travel cost charges.

Soccer Shooters birthday parties include a trophy for the birthday child, insurance and all equipment is provided.

To book your child a place at Soccer Shooters football coaching sessions, Football Fun Days or parties, please phone James Wilson on 07814 500 589 / 0117 969 1341 or email