Noah’s Ark Preschool, Westbury Park: A Bishopston Mum Review

Today on Bishopston Mum is a local parent’s review of Noah’s Ark Preschool which takes place at Cairns Road Baptist Church in Westbury Park.

Noah’s Ark Preschool is open in term-time from Monday – Friday throughout the week on both mornings and afternoons and is for children aged 2 – 5.

The parent who provides this review has a 4-year old who has attended Noah’s Ark Preschool since she was 2. She also has a 7-year old son who attended Noah’s Ark for nearly two years.

Do read on to find out more…

Why did you choose this particular pre-school for your children?

I knew about the pre-school due to attending Cairns Café and baby classes within the church. A neighbour with older children sung the praises of Noah’s Ark so I therefore did my own enquiries.

Noah’s Ark Pre-school offered a higher ratio of staff to children than most nurseries and pre-school’s in the area.

They really value the importance of developing the role of a significant adult in the absence of the parent when in childcare.

My son and daughter’s key worker Jackie spent a lot of time and energy on getting to know our family and my children and their interests.

How did staff manage your child’s settling-in process?

We filled in an ‘All about me’ form and we were assigned a key worker who work’s the same days that my daughter would attend.

If you have had older children through the pre-school they try to give the family the same key worker, as we did. The key worker then visits you in your home and play’s with your child.

The key worker also visited my child in another setting that they attend and continue to share information together (my daughter only attends another setting one day a week as we need extended hours for that day).

What do you like best about Noah’s Ark?

Noah’s Ark strength is most definitely the support and care that all the staff give to our whole family. Knowing each of us by name and taking the time to acknowledge us each day. At Noah’s Ark they also run baby classes, stay and play sessions and parenting courses. Noah’s Ark has given our family the support we needed in our community when both my own and my husband’s family live far away.

What do you like least?

It is hard to think of one! If I was forced it would be the little amount of grass in the outside space (not many nurseries/ pre-schools do in the area!) but they do have some and they make the most of the tarmac playground. They also offer every child a term of attending forest school in Leigh woods.

What kind of activities are on offer?

Montessori based activities, small group time, Arts and crafts area, dens and book area, role play area, light, sensory table, construction area, sand and water play, tuft trays with various sensory materials including play dough, themed weeks, forest school, climbing frame, water play, bikes, trikes and scooters, snack area, lunch club….

As the pre-school packs away every weekend for Sunday school and church use the rooms and activities are forever changing and therefore engaging.

What do you think of the staff?

The staff are like my adopted family, they know me and my extended family by name and no problem is ever too great for them.

Is there anything else that you would like to add about Noah’s Ark?

The staff produce an amazing ‘learning diary’ for each child that is a beautiful record to keep of your child’s progress. The pre-school have links with Filton Children’s Centre and are always abreast of current educational trends and training.

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