Horfield Methodist Playgroup Announces Closure After 50 Years Of Serving The Community

Horfield Methodist Playgroup has announced the sad news that it will be closing after 50 years of serving the local community.

The news will be a blow to many, not only to the children and parents who currently attend the preschool, but for the hundreds of other families in and near the Horfield area who have used the preschool since it opened in 1968.

The preschool announced the news of its closure following low numbers of children registered for September.

Although the group could have actually continued despite the low numbers, the playgroup leaders felt that this would be unfair on the children who attended as the preschool wouldn’t have been the lively, bustling environment that it should have been.

One possible reason for the low numbers could be because the preschool is less well-known than other local preschools.

Another reason may be that parents’ childcare needs have changed in recent years and preschool hours do not cover parents’ work hours adequately.

Whatever the reasons for its closure, the closure of Horfield Methodist Playgroup will be a great loss to the community.

The staff were kind, capable and experienced and the activities that the preschool offered children were exciting and varied and included singing, cooking, gardening, crafts, day trips away and many more.

The preschool itself provided an ideal space for many young children to enjoy their preschool years and included  an outdoor space, plus a huge hall for children to whizz around in on ride along bikes and scooters.

Local mum, Amy Cryer, gives her thoughts on the preschool’s closure:

“My son has another year of preschool to go so we have had to look for another preschool for him to attend. We are lucky that there are other good preschools to choose from and as the number of children seems to be lower everywhere, fortunately there are some places available.

“Ultimately though, I am really sad that he won’t be able to continue his time at Horfield Methodist Playgroup as both he and I love it so much. I feel it is a big blow to the community to lose this group as it has provided a fun and nurturing environment for young children for so many years.

“The staff are truly dedicated and it’s testament to its popularity that, like us, so many families have sent all their children there. I’m sorry for all the children that won’t get to experience it!”

As well as supporting many young families, Horfield Methodist Playgroup has played an important role in strengthening community ties over the years and its loss will be felt by many.