Winter News from the Golden Hill Community Garden

Here’s the latest news from the Golden Hill Community Garden from Lucy Mitchell, Community Project Worker…

Hi everyone,

If your new year resolutions included trying to get out more, trying something new, learning more, meeting new people, getting more exercise or eating more vegetables then you can do ALL THESE THINGS at once in the Golden Hill Community Garden and still get to drink tea and eat biscuits.

Come join us any Wednesday in January 10am-3pm and in Febuary 10am-2pm. And, there will be soup, lush veg and maybe even sunshine!​

Also from next week the fabulous Katrin Vogel from ‘Tweed and Bird’ will be volunteering with us from 1.30-2.15 to help folks mend clothes FOR THREE WEEKS ONLY.

So if you’ve got a beloved jumper that need some attention, or some jeans with holes in the wrong places come down and get some help to do some your sewing in supportive space.

AND STOP PRESS due to a cancellation we currently have one space in our brilliant after school Golden Club.

So if you know any primary age children that like dens, games, silliness, and running round in the dark and are looking for all that and more to do on a Tuesday 3.30-5.45 then get in touch!

And in other news we’ve had an ‘interesting’ start to the new fire year with…. a fire inside the walls of the Balehouse!

It shouldn’t have been able to happen, it never occurred to us that it could happen but it did happen and now our beautiful cosy Balehouse currently has a hole instead of a wall, well it did for a bit, this picture was taken before it got patched up and tidied – thanks Pete! ​

Hey ho, it could have been worse and we’ll carry on normal services and get it fixed sharpish, but it was definitely a shock…. but how can we stay upset when we’ve got glorious swedes and a whole load of pretty-as-picture polytunnel peas coming on?

See you in the garden!