Healthy Eating Course with a Twist at FHS: Good Mood Food!

Parents/carers at Fairfield High School (FHS) have been treated to a fascinating, free course to learn about how food and herbs can dramatically impact on mood and brain function.

This six-week course has focused on demonstrating how different types of food really can affect levels of anxiety and depression, frustration and aggression.

Poignantly, it also shows how some foods can help engagement in learning, concentration plus memory; vital for children as they continue their secondary school education.

The Year 7 parents/carers, together with their children, then have the opportunity each week to put their newfound knowledge into practice as they prepare delicious nutritious recipes with their children to take home for that evening’s dinner.

The structured course, run by Bristol Health & Nutrition, and funded by Bristol City Council, focuses on the following outcomes: understanding which foods to eat more/less of in order to support brain health and how to make dietary changes; feeling more inspired and confident to try new healthy foods and/or recipes; understanding how sleep, stress and exercise also play a key role in health and well-being; and how to make healthy lifestyle changes, plus being able to implement basic kitchen health and safety in the class and at home.

Christina Quinnell, parent at FHS and attendee of the course explains how the course has helped her:

“This course has changed my shopping and cooking choices enormously, for example I’ve just ordered my first organic fruit and veg box in over a decade, which I’m quite excited about! I’ve learnt some really fascinating things about the effect of good nutrition on our bodies and minds I just didn’t know before.

“The information on pesticides, gluten and sugar is delivered in a non-scary way, but the small changes I’ve learnt have had a significant impact.

“What’s become very clear is how our bodies and digestive systems haven’t changed that much in the past 50 years, but consumer habits and what we are putting into them have at an alarming rate. People are now turning to healthy foods, but many of these seem quite faddy and expensive.

“What we’ve been learning about here is, quite simply, life changing. Caroline who’s leading the course is friendly, engaging and inspiring and I just hope as many people as possible can benefit from her wisdom.”

Amanda Bridgewater, Vice Principal at FHS also says:

“We would like to say a big thank you to Caroline, Bristol City Council plus all the parents and carers who have invested time to make this course a reality. It’s the first we’ve run of its kind and the feedback has certainly indicated there’s potential for many more of this nature to run across all educational establishments. People are becoming more and more conscious about what they are putting into their bodies, but to come at it from the angle of its effects on mood and brain function is almost revolutionary.”

Caroline Pringle from Bristol Health & Nutrition, plus parent at FHS adds:

“People from all different walks of life are approaching us to learn about the effects that different food and nutrition can have on their lives. I’m really enjoying working with this fantastic group of parents and children, and I would like to thank Fairfield for giving me this great opportunity.”

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