Butterfly Spotting & Blackberry Picking in Gaston Lane, Bishopston

Walking through Gaston Lane on a sunny Summer’s day is a local treat.

Bordered by plentiful hedgerows, blackberry bushes and wild flowers, you will see Gaston Lane teaming with butterflies, bumble bees and little sparrows, and you may even spot a squirrel or two if you are lucky.

Gaston Lane is a little pathway connecting Kings Drive and Longmead Avenue and is hundreds of years old.

With allotments and the Horfield Organic Community Orchard on either side of it, it is peaceful and quiet, an oasis of nature and loveliness.

You could almost believe you were walking through a little country lane, far removed from busy city life.

Gaston Lane is known locally as ‘Donkey Lane’ and also the more sinister sounding ‘Dead Man’s Lane’ however its real name is less well-known.

My children and I will forever refer to it as ‘Magic Dragon Lane’ however, as this was once our every-day route to pre-school and we have many fond memories of walking through it.

We still enjoy walking though it often, and my daughter likes to spot the old Muller Road Orphanage in the distance.

Walking through Gaston Lane last week, my children and I had fun blackberry picking, many of which are already black, juicy and ripe for the picking.

We also admired the colourful butterflies fluttering around the green hedgerow, spotting at least four different types.

Gaston Lane can be accessed either between 134-136 Longmead Avenue or next to 22 Kings Drive.

I would recommend a walk through Gaston Lane whatever the season, it is always lovely and offers a little local nature walk for children, perfect for little legs.