Window Wanderland: Creating Fun for Kids in Bishopston during Coronavirus Crisis

The current government recommendations of social distancing and self isolation will prove hard on children over the coming months.

Not being able to see their friends will be difficult, plus they may feel bored, fed-up and even anxious about the pandemic.

However, local group, Bishopston Window Wanderland, plans to create some fun by encouraging everyone to create colourful creations to put in windows for kids to spot when they go outside!

The initiative was originally started by a facegroup group called Chase the Rainbow, encouraging people to put pictures of rainbows up in windows across the country.

Now, Bishopston Window Wanderland is taking this idea a step further with further ideas of colourful creations to add to our windows throughout March and April.

Here are their suggested themes:

  • This week – Rainbows
  • 24th March – Encouraging Words
  • 27th March – Sunsets
  • 31st March – Silly Faces/Jokes
  • 3rd April – Animals
  • 6th April – Space
  • 9th April – Easter theme
  • 13th April – Under the Sea
  • 16th April – Flowers and Plants
  • 19th April – Flags
  • 21st April – Hearts

The idea is that absolutely everyone can take part in the initiative and it’s free to do.  You can stick to the themes suggested or even go freestyle.

Colourful creations can be created by children and need not be complicated; simple creations are perfect!