Exploring the Remarkable Life of Bristol Museum’s “Alfred the Gorilla”

Credit: Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

If you have ever visited Bristol Museum & Art Gallery with your children you will have seen Alfred the Gorilla, huge and impressive, in his taxidermied form.

Alfred the Gorilla arrived at Bristol Zoo in 1930 when he was two years old. He became an instant attraction at the zoo and many visitors flocked from far and wide to see him, making him an international “animal celebrity” until his death in 1948.

Following his death and taxidermy, he was placed in Bristol Museum and, apart from one weekend in 1956 when he was stolen from the museum and went missing, he has remained in the museum ever since, continuing to excite and impress visitors.

If you and your children would like to find out more about Alfred the Gorilla, this Thursday 30th July there will be a great chance to do so!  There is to be a free online talk exploring his remarkable story hosted by Bristol Museum with speaker, Ray Barnett, Head of Collections and Archives, who will be leading the talk.

The talk will take place from 2-2.45pm via Zoom and is completely free (donations to the museum gratefully received).  You can book your place here (bookings close at 11am that same morning).  For more details about the talk please click here.

The talk is certain to be fascinating and a great chance to discover lots more about Bristol’s most famous animal.