The #BigTidy in Bishopston: bringing the sparkle back to our streets!

This month the #BigTidy team has been in Bishopston and Horfield, bringing the sparkle back to our streets!

The Big Tidy is part of Bristol Waste Company and Bristol Council’s “Bristol Clean Streets” campaign, tackling streets across Bristol where there has been littering, fly-tipping, fly-posting, graffiti or overgrown vegetation.

Here’s some photos of the #BigTidy team, clearing litter in Downend Road, Brynland Avenue and Harwood Square, and removing overgrown vegetation behind the prison on Monk Road.

And, here’s two satisfying “before” and “after” photos of Muller Road, where there had been fly-tipping…

If you should notice any issues such as overgrown footpaths, litter, fly-tipping and tagging in Bishopston and surrounding areas, please report it to Bristol Council:

Thank you to Bristol Waste Company for kindly giving me permission to use these images.