Bishopston Beanstalks Pre-school: “a real sense of community”

If you are a parent of young children researching local pre-schools, then an honest review from another parent can be really helpful.

Today Bishpston Mum features a mum’s thoughts and opinions of Bishopston Beanstalks, a pre-school which is located at 245 Gloucester Road, BS7 8NY.

Choosing Bishopston Beanstalks
I chose Beanstalks for my second child after my first child had got on so well there. We heard about Beanstalks initially from a friend whose child was attending and really recommended it. 

The settling-in process
They visited us at home and were very child focused, finding out what my son’s interests were. When he started at the pre school there was a settling in session but even after that it was made clear we can stay and play with our child in the setting until they are comfortable. 

Favourite things about Bishopston Beanstalks
There is a real sense of community at Beanstalks. It’s hard to explain but it feels different to some other childcare settings I’ve seen. The people who work there are so friendly and welcoming and treat the children in such a lovely way. They really care about each child, and all of their families too! 

Activities and routine
There’s usually a sensory type activity laid out each morning, and there are lots of toys which are rotated carefully. There are role play areas, painting and crafts available.

Each term there will be a mix of local trips out, for example, to parks, allotments and the library; and sometimes external classes come in to do an activity such as yoga, dancing or baking. 

During the daily routine there is singing, story reading, snack cafe and games. 

The staff
They are all really experienced and down to earth. This experience has been so important to us because they really engaged with my son who needed extra support and was quite challenging to look after. They identified his needs so well and worked with us on strategies for helping him long term.

We were never made to feel as though he was a problem, quite the opposite, they have all been so kind, and I honestly think he would be on a different path now if it wasn’t for their guidance. 

Additional comments
I always feel really glad for any child I hear about who is going to go to Beanstalks! 


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