Simon Kitson: Reliable Children’s Educational and Psychological Assessments in Bristol

If you would like your child to have a reliable educational or psychological assessment by a trusted, independent educational psychologist, you will be interested to learn about Simon Kitson.

Based in Bristol, Simon has over 20 years’ experience in carrying out independent, evidence-based assessments of children with special educational needs.  He specialises in Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Simon set up his practice, EDGE Psychology, in order to help children and young people who are experiencing difficulties at school, especially those struggling with academic work or having behavioural issues.

Whatever the difficulty, Simon always uses a child/young person centred approach that will help them fulfil their potential.

Simon provides educational and psychological assessments for:

  • ADHD
  • Dyspraxia
  • Intelligence testing
  • Learning difficulties
  • General intelligence
  • Dyslexia/Dyscalculia
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Academic attainment testing
  • Attachment Disorder – Post-diagnosis assessment

One local parent of a child with autism who recently had an educational and psychological assessment by Simon, shares her thoughts:

“Simon produced a very detailed report that captured our child’s needs and difficulties accurately and precisely. The report has been extremely useful to share with other professionals to provide them with a really clear, thorough picture of our child. Simon’s report has played an important role in informing how to best support our child’s learning and has formed an instrumental part of our child’s EHCP, ensuring that he receives the support he needs.”

Simon’s knowledge and experience in the field of children’s educational and psychological assessments are impressive.  He was recently involved in helping to develop an ADHD toolkit for teachers, by Bristol University, plus, he was recently selected to become an ‘AntWak Author’, after AntWak approached him asking his to share his expertise.

AntWak is an app based (iOS or android) social learning platform for professionals (and general public), based in India.  “With the ideology of “Together, We Achieve More”, AntWak hyper curates expertise from seasoned professionals from all walks of life in form of byte sized videos to create first of its kind social learning ecosystem.  These “Real People: Real Insights” will empower millions of professionals across the globe to make a mark in their careers.”

To date, Simon has published an impressive 17 videos for AntWak relating to Psychology and Child Development and Learning, and has been asked to produce more in the coming months.

Simon was also part of the research team at Exeter University for the widely-used MALS (My-self As a Learner Scale) Burden, R.L. (1998), a measure that focuses on children’s perceptions of themselves as learners and problem solvers.

If you would like to find out more about Simon Kitson and how he can help your child, please visit

Simon is also happy to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.  Please email him on or phone him on 07426 520 531.

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