Virtual Balloon Race – above ‘Horfield Island’ this October

This October the Horfield Church of England School Association is holding a Virtual Balloon Race, a fun activity which your children will love!

The family-friendly activity is a 100% eco-friendly simulation whereby everything in the race is real except for the balloons; what’s more, all of the community can take part in the race!

There will be many different coloured balloons to choose from including emerald green, canary yellow, rainbow and racing green, plus there are some duck-shaped balloons too!

On Friday 16th October the virtual balloons will be released and left to fly around a virtual island named “Horfield Island”.  You can track your balloon (or balloons!) throughout the week by watching it fly over the island or by searching the leader board; daily leaders will be announced on the School Association facebook group.

The balloons will race until 2pm Friday 23rd October and the winning virtual balloon will be the one which has flown the furthest since the launch.

Julie Dennis, Horfield School Association Chair, explains:

“We’d love anyone from the community to race if they’d like to join in.  As we can’t face-to-face fundraise at the moment, we really wanted something to bring our school and the wider community together and we are really excited about this!”

If you and your children would like to buy a balloon and take part in the Virtual Balloon Race, you can do so by visiting

Each balloon is £2 and you can buy as many as you wish!  All money raised will go directly to the Horfield School Association to enhance the learning and play of the children who attend the school.

I wish you good luck and flying colours in the race!