Campaign for New Children’s Climbing Frame at St Andrew’s Park

A campaign has been launched by the local community group, Friends of St Andrew’s Park, to raise money for a new children’s climbing frame.

The current climbing frame, located at the top of St Andrew’s Park, needs to be replaced due to its rope and timber structure fraying, however, Bristol Council currently have no budget for a replacement.

So, the Friends of St Andrew’s Park have taken on the task themselves, and have launched a GoFundMe campaign, aiming to raise £12,000.

The group explains: “The aim of this crowdfunder is to raise £12,000 so that we can secure the future of the play area for the next generation at a time when children have been deprived of so many regular developmental activities during the pandemic.”

If you would like to chip in to the crowdfunding campaign, all donations are gratefully received and you can do so here.