Local mum, children and puppy spread woofly pawsitivity in St Andrews Park

Local parent, Karen Beevers, her two young children and gorgeous puppy, have been spreading some woofly kindness and pawsitivity in nearby parks.

Karen, her children, Lyla (8 years) and Eddie (6 years), and Maple the cavapoo puppy (5 months), have been making organic, home-made dog biscuits, and leaving them in little bags around St Andrews Park for dog-owners and their doggies to discover.

Karen and her children came up with the lovely idea to spread kindness and connect with the local community, and hopefully raise people’s spirits.

Karen explains: “We really do hope it cheers people up at a time where people were full of hope for a better year.  Enjoy and we hope it brings a smile during your daily outdoor exercise!”

In each little bag of biscuits for the lucky doggy, there is also a little note from Maple the puppy, herself:

“2021 may not have started how we hopes or dreamed.  Here is a gift to spread a little cheer this New Year. A happy pupper will hopefully bring a smile to your face. From @miss.maple.cavapoo and her mini-hoomans xoxo”    

After making the first batch of doggy treats and leaving them around St Andrews Park for local dog walkers and their doggies, the idea was met with much excitement and appreciation!

Karen, Lyla, Eddie and Maple now intend to continue with their delicious doggy treats, not only in St Andrews park, but in different parks across Bristol twice a week while they do their daily exercise.

The organic pupper biscuits are made from wholemeal flour, dog-friendly peanut butter, egg, ripe banana and mixed seeds, and will keep fresh for 10 days.  They are also edible for humans too, should your child fancy a nibble.

If you are out walking with your dog and happen to spot some of the delicious biscuits, Karen and her children – and Maple – invite you to help yourself.

What a wonderful idea, sure to spread woofly pawsitivity, raise people’s spirits and make lots of local doggies very happy!