The Latest on Campaign for New children’s Climbing Frame in St Andrew’s Park

Towards the end of 2020, local community group, Friends of St Andrew’s Park, launched a campaign to raise money for a new children’s climbing frame in the park.

The current climbing frame, located at the top of the park, needs to be replaced due to its rope and timber structure fraying, however, Bristol Council currently have no budget for a replacement.

So, the Friends of St Andrew’s Park duly took on the task themselves, launching a GoFundMe campaign, aiming to raise £12,000.

As of 1st January 2021, £2,595 has been donated, an amount which is not as much as originally hoped.  However, a more modest bid has since been made for £50,000 [the maximum permissible] from the Enovert Community Trust, which requires just £5,000 contribution from the community.

A further application to another Trust for around £10,000 will be made at the end of January.

If both applications are successful, it will enable the proposed new play/ climbing equipment to be installed later this Summer. The final level of funding available will also determine whether or not some other smaller playground improvements will be able to be undertaken.

The Friends of St Andrew’s Park are now doubling their efforts to raise more money towards the campaign and they need your help!

The FoSAP explain:

“We expect to hear the result of the Enovert C.T. application before the end of January, so we are proposing to now have a big push to effectively double the amount of donations received so far. If you can help by making a new, or even further, donation, it would be wonderful!”    

Please do consider donating towards the campaign for a new children’s climbing frame in St Andrew’s Park.

If the applications are successful, and the required £5,000 in donations is achieved, the much-needed improvements will bring much enjoyment to many local children for many years ahead.

Donations can be made here: