Introducing The Little Library, Elton Road, Bishopston

One of the sad things about lockdown has been the temporary closure of libraries, a real loss to many people of all ages.

Aware of this, Olivia Clements, a Bishopston resident, book-lover and writer, has created her own little library of books in the front garden of her home in Elton Road and wants local residents to borrow away!

Olivia, also a bookseller for Waterstones and Max Minerva’s, had wanted to create her own little library for some time, when one day, quite by chance, she came across a disused cabinet which had been left on the side of the road.

Seeing it as a sign, she brought the cabinet home, sanded it down, created a stand and roof for it, used some undercoat and then painted it a beautiful green from some left-over paint she had used for her front door.

The result is stunning, made all the more wonderful with a selection of good books she added to it which she had in her possession.

Olivia explains: “So far all the books are from my own stash (bookseller hoarding)! Our lovely residents will just take and return as they see fit, or swap out if they’d like to keep one!”

The Little Library has been a hit with Bishopston residents of all ages, and met with much enthusiasm and gratitude.

Olivia is keen for people to come visit her little library: “If you’re in the Bishopston area of Bristol please feel free to visit, borrow, swap out, and enjoy some much needed escapism!”

If you also have any good books you would like to add to The Little Library, particularly children’s books, Olivia would be very grateful.

The Little Library has been a delightful addition to Bishopston and a real boost to people’s spirits in these challenging times.