The Case of the Missing Bishop Road Bell: a half-term mystery for kids to solve!

I have some unfortunate and alarming news to pass on to readers.  I am sorry to report  that The Bishop Road Primary School bell has been stolen and is nowhere to be found.

A local detective has been enlisted by the school to find the bell, however, YOUR help is needed to solve the mystery!

Help is needed to eliminate suspects and motives from enquiries, to uncover pertinent clues, and find the culprit.

The Case of the Bishop Road Bell is a half-term mystery for children to crack, cleverly created by Bishop Road School parent, Lisa John.

The activity involves following an intriguing trail around the local area, using landmarks to help point to numbers and names to eliminate and solve the crime.  Children (and parents) will have lots of fun along the way!

All are welcome to help solve the mystery; to do so, simply download ‘The Case of the Bishop Road Bell’ on the Bishop Road School PTFA website.

It is £5 to take part and all profits will to the school PTFA so it’s a really good cause.  Plus, how wonderful would it be to solve the crime and discover the missing school bell?!