Bristol School of Gymnastics, Bishopston: a 10-year old’s review

I attended Bristol School of Gymnastics every Thursday after school once a week before lockdown.  The head coaches, Shirley and Dave, welcome me into the gymnasium and we have to have our temperature taken due to Covid 19.

After that I find a mat and a coach gives the group some warm-ups before we get started; the warm-ups are usually roly polys, crabs and stretching our arms and legs.

Then Dave splits my group up and we either go to Chanae, Vicky, Shirley or Dave; one of those coaches will take a small group to do balance beam, bars, trampette, trampoline or floor exercises but we are not allowed to do the vault until a certain age.

I have become better and stronger at Bristol School of Gymnastics and have also learned discipline.  I have improved on my handstands, cartwheels and back walkovers.  The coaches have been teaching us lots of seat drops on the trampoline and lots more.

The coaches are very nice and they are always there for you when we need some help.  Bristol School of Gymnastics has made me improve my gymnastics a lot and I always look forward to the next session to make many more friends and enjoy myself as usual.

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