St Bonaventure’s Early Years Pre-school: “Simply Amazing Staff!”

Choosing a pre-school for your toddler is an important decision and can be a tricky choice to make.

Today on Bishopston Mum is a local’s mum’s honest review of St Bonaventure’s Early Years, a pre-school on Egerton Road, Bishopston.  It is for children aged 3-4 years of age and has been running for an impressive 55 years!

Read on to find out more…

Why did you choose St Bonaventure’s Early Years as the pre-school for your child?

We choose St Bon’s on recommendation from a friend, I hadn’t considered it before because I thought it was linked to the church and would only take Catholic children, not true!

It’s totally independent, we loved it because the setting is very much like a reception classroom, it has a wonderful outside space, offers longer hours than most preschools every day (8.30am – 5.30pm) and it’s nestled within the streets rather than on a busy polluted main road.

How did staff manage your little boy’s settling in process when he started?

They were amazing, the ladies are so experienced, kind and the kids just love them! We could go in and do settling in sessions but he didn’t really need them he just strolled in its so welcoming.

What’s the best thing about St Bon’s Pre-school?

The maturity of the practitioners, the outside space and the extra activities.

What activities do the pre-schoolers enjoy at St Bon’s?

The children do Tennis classes at Kings, mini print tribe an arts and crafts group, learn different languages and all the other things you would expect in a purpose built preschool, small world, make believe, dress up , water and sand play. They also make use of the school Astro playing field.

How would you describe the staff at St Bon’s Pre-school?

Simply amazing!

Is there anything else you’d like to add about this pre-school?

I can’t say enough good things about St Bon’s, the staff value the whole child and nurture them to be ready for big school.

If you would like to find out more about St Bonaventure’s Early Years please call the pre-school on 0117 353 2887 or email

You can also visit the pre-school’s website here: