Create a ‘buzz’ around Westbury Park this summer and make a ‘Bee’con of Hope

Cairns Road Baptist Church has organised a wonderful activity for children and adults to enjoy this summer called ‘Bee’cons of Hope.

The local community is being invited to create bees using natural or recycled materials and then display them in a garden or window for children and adults to spot, or even leave a bee somewhere as a gift for someone to pick up.

The idea is for each bee to be a beacon – or rather ‘bee’con – of hope to inspire and uplift the community. You can use the QR code on the poster below to let others know what your bee is about.

Cairns Road Church is also open every Wednesday 11am-12 noon in August where you can pick up an activity pack for you and your children to explore the week’s message of hope, plus enjoy some great bee-making craft activities at home!

So, whether you want to create a bee, pick up an activity pack, go on a hunt discovering bees around Westbury Park, or all of these, you are warmly invited to take part and have some fun this summer.