Introducing the Ardagh’s ‘Tallest Sunflower’ Competition

This spring a new ‘Horfield Common in Bloom’ project has been launched by the Ardagh, with a range of fun activities to encourage the local community to get growing.

One of the activities is ‘The Tallest Sunflower’ competition where you and your children are encouraged to grow sunflowers.

To take part simply pick up a seed pack from the dresser inside the Ardagh Cafe and plant the seeds in your garden!

The competition formally ends at 5pm, 30th August 2022; before this time you must take a photo of your sunflower with a tape measure and send it to @TheArdagh on Twitter or on Facebook, or, you can print a photo and drop it into the Ardagh Cafe.

The prize for the winner of the ‘Tallest Sunflower’ will be a gift voucher for the Cafe on the Common.