Our Fearsome Visit to Dinozoo

Have you visited Dinozoo yet?  This Summer, along with its furry, feathered and scaled inhabitants, Bristol Zoo is housing 12 animatronic dinosaurs.  My son is near obsessed with dinosaurs so I was really excited to take him to Dinozoo last week.  I wanted to share with you pictures of some of the dinosaurs!
The Amargasaurus…
…and her baby

A short video of the Baryonyx, enjoying a fish…
The Brachiosaurus…
The Edmontosaurus with her nest, complete with hatching baby dinosaurs…

The T-Rex…
And my little boy’s favourite, the Triceratops…
I liked how the dinosaurs are placed randomly around the zoo, and that you come across each one unexpectedly.  You may be admiring some animals and then suddenly you hear an enormous roar overhead!

In fact, Dinozoo was so realistic that my little boy was quite scared of the dinosaurs and would only go so close to each of them! 

However, he has been talking about them ever since 🙂

If you fancy seeing these dinosaurs and more, Dinozoo is open until 2nd September.  For more information about Dinozoo, visit http://www.bristolzoo.org.uk/dinozoo

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4 responses to “Our Fearsome Visit to Dinozoo

  1. My 2.5 yr old was absolutely terrified too. We've been talking about them ever since siI'm hoping he'll be ok next time as I miss the zoo!

  2. Thank you for commenting. Have you taken your little boy back since his first trip to Dinozoo? We have been back 4 times since!! My son has got braver each time x

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