The End of a Difficult Few Months

Last Thursday, my little girl had her Spica Cast taken off!  As regular readers will know, my daughter has Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip and had an operation in March to correct this.

She was put in a spica cast, which was from just below her chest to her ankles.  She was completely unable to move her legs in the spica cast and could not even sit up in it.  But she adapted to it and didn’t let it stop her getting from where she wanted to go!

But it has been a difficult few months caring for a child in a spica cast.  A spica cast made everyday, simple things, well, just not simple anymore.

It has been frustrating for my daughter and it was hard and heavy work carrying her around.  The cast was not allowed to get wet so baths were out of the question.  Hair washes over the kitchen sink were particularly difficult with a child who HATES having her hair washed that way and who would struggle and scream all the way through.

Keeping the cast dry is hard when you have a child in nappies as you can’t put nappies on the usual way.  And what I found particularly difficult more recently was some of the reactions from other people when we went out.

But on Thursday I took my little girl in her spica cast to Bristol Children’s Hospital for the last time!  Here are some photos of the wonderful sight of her legs emerging when the spica cast was removed…

I have never looked so forward to seeing a pair of legs in my life!  Weak, stiff and a little scaly but how lovely it is to see her legs again!  And it is lovely to be able to have a proper cuddle with her again, too 🙂

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6 responses to “The End of a Difficult Few Months

  1. This must have been a tricky time for you both. How lovely to hear you say you'd never looked so forward to seeing a pair of legs. What was also really heartfelt was the proper cuddle comment. It must have been so comforting for you both. Thank you for allowing me to understand more about your experiences. 🙂

  2. I can imagine how tough it must be having a baby in a cast like that. My wife actually works at Bristol Childrens and often looks after children having Spica casts put on.

  3. Yes it was tough. But I have to say, the staff at the Childrens Hospital were absolutely brilliant, so professional and so lovely as well. We are very lucky living in Bristol and having the Childrens Hospital!

  4. hello i was just looking up spica casts my daughter has had hers off for a week yesterday and she is still very sore i was wondering how long it took your little girl to sit up after getting the cast off

  5. Hi,

    I can't remember how long it took but was definitely a while. She was very stiff and in a lot of pain for some time after and could only move by dragging herself around by her arms for the first few days. But she started walking less than two months of having the cast off! It does take time. Hope your daughter makes a full recovery soon x

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