Boston Tea Party, Gloucester Road: Family Friendly Cafe?

It is unlikely that you had not heard that there is soon to be a new Boston Tea Party on Gloucester Road, Bishopston. 

The new cafe is to be based on the junction of Nevil Road and Gloucester Road and will be on the ground floor of the building which previously housed the Horfield and Bishopston Unionist Club. Work is being completed fast and Boston Tea Party expect the Cafe to open towards the end of September. It will be very big: there will be seating for around 100 guests inside the cafe, with seating for a further 50 guests outside.

I think it is great to have another cafe on Gloucester Road. Lashings Coffee House is a friendly cafe with lots of character but it can get very busy, sometimes to the point of not having enough seats for everyone who comes in. 

So I was interested to know how family friendly Boston Tea Party was and I thought that you would be too! I contacted Ben Hibbard, Press Officer for the new Boston Tea Party, to find out more.

One of my questions for Ben was if Boston Tea Party were hoping to attract families to the Cafe, in particular. Ben explained: “Yes, Bishopston is a very family focused area and we know that families with children will be a core customer to us. Our existing cafes are children friendly, but with this one we have the opportunity to ensure the layout and features helps compliment this”.
Good news indeed. However, I was keen to find out whether there would be an area specifically for children to play and if there would be toys provided. Ben explained to me that there would, in fact, be two play areas, one inside the cafe and one outside. 

Ben explains: “The inside area will have soft protective flooring to allow the children to play, and there will be some toys provided. Outside, there will be a sandpit area with toys for the children to enjoy”. 

So all in all, great news for mums, dads, carers and grandparents in Bishopston. The new Boston Tea Party will not only be family friendly but specifically geared towards families with children. 

I can’t wait to check it out! 

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