Introducing My New Website and Blog: ‘Bristol Mum’

Yes, that’s right, I have launched Bristol Mum, a brand new website and blog about living and raising children in Bristol!

Bristol Mum will be all about living and raising children in Bristol. It will feature articles about exploring and enjoying Bristol with children, interesting places to visit, activities to get stuck into, family friendly events that are coming up, education and the different types of support available for Bristol Mums.

Bishopston Mum and Bristol Mum will run alongside each other, however, Bishopston Mum will stick to topics, events and activities purely within Bishopston and its surrounding areas, whereas Bristol Mum will be relevant to mums all over Bristol as well as those in Bishopston.

Bishopston Mum has brought me much enjoyment over the last couple of years. Through it have I discovered a passion for writing, a creativity I didn’t know I had and I love connecting with people through the medium of a website and blog.

Bristol Mum also has a Bristol Mum Facebook Page so do please give it a ‘like’ to further keep up with activities, events and news relating to mums, children and families in Bristol.

I hope that you enjoy Bristol Mum! Please check it out 🙂

To receive the next post on Bishopston Mum and keep up with our activities, please go to the right-hand corner of this page where it says ‘Follow by E-mail’.  It is free and easy to do.
Please click here to ‘like’ Bishopston Mum on Facebook and make my day!


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