The Golden Hill Community Garden: Fun & Free for Children & Grown-Ups to enjoy

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Have you ever visited the Golden Hill Community Garden?

The Golden Hill Community Garden is situated behind Horfield Prison, off Monk Road and is open to all every Wednesday throughout the year and (usually) on the first Saturday of every month. There is no entry charge to enjoy it.

The Community Garden was created to be used by all of the community, young or old and regardless of ability or disability, and was therefore designed to be fully accessible to all.

I took my kids there one afternoon a couple of weeks ago and they loved exploring.

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There are many allotments, each unique. There are also lots and lots of veggies growing, all clearly marked.

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My little boy learned about mini-beasts at primary school last term so he was delighted to spot pond skaters, dragon flies of brilliant blue and many more mini-beasts in the pond.

There were even a few extra discoveries for my kids to make, including a spider-man scarecrow which they liked very much!

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They also liked the Froggy Pizza Oven which is regularly sparked up at events at the Golden Hill Community Garden 🙂

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For little ones, there is also a fantastic “digging bed” – there purely for young children to indulge in the sheer pleasure of digging 🙂

I should also mention that there is a Golden Buds Green Parent & Toddler Group which runs at the Golden Hill Community Garden in term-time.

While our Summer visit showed the garden at its most bountiful, the Community Garden is worth visiting at any time of the year to witness the wonders that each season brings.

My children and I enjoyed our trip there that Summer’s afternoon. The Golden Hill Community Garden offers fresh air, fun and learning, plus it is absolutely free!

Keep up to date with events coming up at the Golden Hill Community Garden by checking out the Bishopston Mum Events Calendar.