Brilliant blackberry-picking spots in & around Bishopston


September is blackberry-picking season and there are plenty of blackberries ready for picking in and around Bishopston!

So, if you fancy taking your little ones out for a spot of blackberry-picking, below are some prime blackberry-picking spots in Bishopston.

Gaston Lane, next to 134 Longmead Avenue / 22 Kings Drive

Gaston Lane is a little stony lane in Bishopston which is often commonly referred to as ‘Donkey lane’ and the more sinister-sounding ‘Dead Man’s Lane’. However, there is nothing sinister about Gaston Lane, rather the opposite and as well as being a beautiful little walk, there are lots of blackberries to find.

Lane off Monk Road, behind Horfield Prison

While the side of this little lane behind the prison may not be beautiful, the other side which backs onto the wonderful Golden Hill Community Garden is far nicer, plus has many, many blackberries!

Lane between Monk Road and Fenton Road

There are more blackberries to find in this little lane, plus sometimes the odd fairy door, too!

Horfield Common

You can find some blackberry bushes just behind the play park on Horfield Common, plus some at the top of the Common, behind Horfield Rectory.

If you know of any more blackberry-picking spots in the local area please do let me know and I will add them to the list!