Phoenix Hedge & A Perfect Children’s Nature Walk

We are very lucky to live in an area which offers some ancient little lanes perfect for family walks with children of all ages.

These little lanes and footpaths are away from traffic so are safe for young children to roam and also offer great nature walks too!

My absolute favourite local walk is Gaston Lane in Bishopston, a little stony lane surrounded on both sides by wildflowers and hedgerow.

But, there is another pretty little local walk a short walk away from Bishopston.

Over the other side of Kellaway Avenue there is a peaceful footpath leading from Phoenix Grove (BS6) to Henleaze Park which overlooks Golden Hill Sports Ground on one side.

This footpath includes Phoenix Hedge, a hedgerow which contains 8 woody trees which makes it around 800 years old – each woody tree in the hedge counts for a century.

The woody trees include blackthorn, hawthorn, English elm, ash, field maple, dog-rose, spindle and holly.

Phoenix Hedge is also a haven for robins, blackbirds and wood pigeons, altogether making it a perfect children’s nature walk.

And, if you visit one evening at dusk you might even spot a few resident bats!