Fairfield High School Student Announced Double Winner In Bristol Post’s Gold Star Awards

Fairfield High School is very proud of student Archie Drummond, who has been awarded the Gold Star Carer/Overall Winner in the Bristol Post’s Gold Star Awards.

Archie’s story begun back in the Spring when he was nominated by his tutor, Miss Thompson, after she learned about the number of acts of kindness Archie showed towards other students; for example Archie ensured that a student with special educational needs was given priority on a bus home by asking the other Year 11 students waiting to let him have a seat first.

Archie also made sure a Year 9 student with autism was looked after in the playground and did not hesitate to show him support in front of other students.

It was only at this stage when Miss Thompson phoned home to share these positive stories that Archie’s home life came to light. His Mum told about the poor health of Archie’s step father, which has resulted in Archie taking a key role in the upbringing and care of his 5 year old brother. Miss Thompson then promptly entered Archie for the Bristol Young Hero’s ‘Caring Hero’ award.

After being narrowed down to three finalists in this category, Archie was declared the winner! This consequently led to Archie being nominated for the Bristol Post’s Gold Star Awards where he was not only awarded the Gold Star Carer Award, but announced the overall winner.

Natalie Thompson, tutor and teacher at FHS comments:

“We are unbelievably proud of Archie and thrilled that he has won a further two amazing awards! When he came into the tutor group today, he received a big cheer. It was evident all of his friends and peers were delighted for him and deservedly so. Archie is a very special and caring young man.”

Well done on winning your awards Archie, they are well-deserved!