Two Bristol Mums join forces to provide complete website service for local individuals, startups & SMEs

Fed up with trying to sort out your website? Look no further.

Two Bristol mums have joined forces to provide a complete website service for local individuals, startups and SMEs in need of a bit of digital help.

Bishopston-based Individualise is a website development company that covers everything you might need to build a website, even offering ongoing support once your website goes live.

It’s an evolution of services from designer and web developer Nic Thomas and former journalist Monika Maurer who have combined their technical and creative skills to specialise in building websites for local clients.

Many of these are parents – and mums – in the community with small businesses who simply don’t have the time or technical know-how to build their own website.

“When I went back to work after having kids I realised that there must be loads of mums who, like me, were now entering the market as freelancers,” says Nic. “They were all out there needing websites. It’s hard enough setting yourself up as a working mum without having the extra hassle of building a website, so I thought my services might be really helpful.”

Having founded Individualise in 2015 as a website development company, Nic discovered that many clients came to her struggling not just to build their websites but also to write the content that went in them. After a successful collaboration creating former journalist Monika’s own health and wellbeing blog, Wannabe Yogi, the two spotted an opportunity: A website development company with a skilled writer on board to help clients with their content.

“There are website design companies and content creation companies,” says Monika. “But not many companies that offer both services under one roof.”

Individualise now provides a seamless range of website development services from audits and overhauls if your website isn’t running optimally, to complete builds and ongoing services including blog writing.

Working together as they do streamlines the website building process for clients. It’s more efficient than approaching two separate companies, or if one company were to outsource some of the elements of the work.

With their combined abilities these two can pretty much take care of everything website-related.

“We know how frustrating it can be trying to build and maintain your own website if you’re not technically-minded,” says Monika. “We love simplifying the process and try to keep it all as jargon-free as possible.”

The other thing these two mums love is their home city. So while the internet means that these days the reach of any business can be global, Nic and Monika like to keep it Bristol-based.

“We love working with local clients and meeting them face-to-face,” says Nic. “Getting to know them in that way means we can really understand what they want from their website and how it can be an asset for their business. It might seem an old- fashioned way of going about things, but for us it’s the best way of creating something that not only looks professional but also helps their business move forward.”

And with so many amazing coffee shops on the Gloucester Road to choose from as meeting venues, who can blame them? | twitter/individualiseme | instagram/ |

*Disclosure: This was a collaborative post with Individualise.