A Nature Songs Sing-Along with Poco Drom

We recently enjoyed an alternative children’s music group experience when we were invited to a free taster Nature Songs Sing-Along by Poco Drom at KudaCan.

Poco Drom is made up of Paul and Ann who produce songs and stories which celebrate the wild and the wonderful and who spend their free time on a 1979 VW Camper Van named ‘Schnecke’.

All of Poco Drom’s songs celebrated the wild and wonderful. All songs were original, created by Ann and Paul themselves. There were songs about snails, badgers, birds, worms, bats, bees and even a song about dinosaurs, much to my little boy’s delight…

It is clear that Ann and Paul are inspired by the wonders of nature and absolutely love what they do. This workshop had a real feel-good vibe.

The instruments were all made from natural materials: not a piece of plastic in sight…

The instruments were unusual and interesting, too. My son found a Storm Maker instrument which produced very real sounding rolls of thunder! 

Kids were encouraged to join in and use their imagination by naming their favourite animals and so on. Even the adults joined in!

Not only did Poco Drom offer original and entertaining songs but their music had a positive message, too. Poco Drom allowed us to take one step away from our plastic, materialistic world and instead a welcome step into celebrating the wild and the wonderful. 

Poco Drom will be offering more music workshops in Bishopston soon. I will keep you posted 🙂

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