Blossom Robin Massage: a Bishopston Mum review

I recently received the lovely opportunity of having an hour-long massage in my own home by a qualified Massage Therapist in exchange for a review on Bishopston Mum.

Of course I agreed! It is not often that the chance of lovely treats such as this are offered to me, plus I have been tired and achy recently and greatly in need of a massage; something I love but rarely have.

Although I realise the importance of putting my health and well-being put before everything else, I don’t always put this into practice. My life is full-on with work, my children and everything else in-between. I am sure this is the case for a lot of parents!

Blossom Robin is a local mum and Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, who qualified 15 years ago. She has been working as a practitioner at Neal’s Yard Remedies and has recently started building up her business in and around the BS7 area. She is trained in Reflexology, Swedish Body Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy Massage.

Blossom and I arranged a day and time which was convenient for me and she arrived on time, complete with her massage couch, clean towels and oils and ready to go!

Blossom is lovely: friendly and calm and she put me at ease immediately. She set up her massage couch in my living room and got prepared and then we sat down for a brief consultation, her checking on my health and checking whether I had any pain, discomfort or sore spots. I was also given a form to fill in with simple questions about my health and so on.

I had the chance of having a neck, back and shoulder massage or a full-body massage and I opted for the deep-tissue full body massage. As well as being tired and achy, I have also had a sore, stiff spot between my right shoulder and neck for about a month so wanted this to be worked on specifically.

Blossom then left me for a few minutes to get prepared for the massage, lying face-down on the comfortable massage table wrapped in a towel ready for my massage.

I then received the most wonderful one-hour, deep tissue full body massage. Using almond oil, Blossom worked on my neck, shoulders and back, working on the sore, stiff knots, checking throughout that the pressure was not too painful, and whether I could comfortably take any more.

Blossom also worked on my arms and hands, legs and feet (having my feet massaged always nearly sends me to sleep!) and my head, also.

The feeling of well-being after the massage was great, I felt uplifted and cheerful and far less stressed. Since the massage the soreness between my neck and shoulder has not returned so the benefits of the massage have lasted.

As well as the truly lovely massage, it was also great to have the massage in my own home. In the past I have had lovely massages but I find walking back home afterwards rather spoils the effects, feeling slightly spaced out and disheveled, crossing busy roads and navigating traffic.

Having a massage in my own home meant that I could remain in the chilled out, serene state of mind without having to think about going anywhere or doing anything afterwards… well, until school pick-up time when all the madness starts again!

Blossom works from 9.30am – 3pm to offer a service to school mums throughout the week and will come directly to you with her massage couch.

Blossom is offering an introductory price of £30 for a 1-hour treatment and thereafter it is £40 per hour. This is treatment time, not including the time taken to set up and tidy away.

She is also happy to take group bookings from mums with younger children, so that mums can take turns having a shorter massage while the children have a play date.

If you would like to arrange for a massage with Blossom you can contact her on either 07552 653 651 or

Although this Bishopston Mum review has been written in exchange for a free massage with Blossom, this is an honest write-up. My massage was genuinely wonderful and I very much recommend!